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What is an E reader?

Wondering what is an E reader? An Ebook reader is a portable electronic device specifically designed for the purpose of reading eBooks, digital documents and newspapers. A single e-reader is capable of holding hundreds of printed text with no added bulk. Most Ebook readers present electronic version of text using E Ink technology which makes it better to read even in bright sunlight, as if reading an actual book. Ebook readers have a longer battery life as E Ink Reader uses power only when the text changes or when a page is turned. This E Ink technology provides an anti-glare display and reduces eye strain offering similar resolution as newsprint. So if you are a book lover and a traveler too, having an ebook reader is definitely a good idea!

Ereader Comparison

Ebook reader opens up a new world for book lovers. But out of so many companies offering so many products, how will you decide which Ebook reader to buy? With growing attributes in the device, only ereader comparison will help you answer all your questions. With an increase in demand, the competition increases even among the top companies. Here we present you with more choices than ever before, to choose a perfect ebook reader by ereader comparison. We have considered all important and even the most critical distinctions between the e-readers, and provided ereader comparison chart with all the key facts. Compare ereaders as per your convenience and decide the perfect e-reader for you.

Compare ereaders of other companies

The world of reading has reached a new height due to advent of ebook readers. As the popularity increases exponentially, the competition increases between every company to offer the better e-reader. This makes you curious to compare ereaders of other companies, isn't it? We have tried to grow our pool of ereader comparison and provided you with all manufactures of ebook readers. Compare ereaders of all these companies and differentiate with the features. Except for top brands Energy Sistem, Augen, Ectaco, iPapyrus, The Sharper Image, Spring Design, Stereo International Enterprise Co. LTD, Hanvon are other brands which offer you ebook readers with exceptional features.

Need of Ebook Readers

Why is ereader comparison required? Or what is the need of ebook readers? Imagine that you’re travelling around the mountains, and between the most delightful scenes of nature, all you need is a collection of your favorite books! Simply turn on your ebook reader and get started! Even at home, you can just sit back, grab a hot coffee mug and have a pleasant time reading your favorite book from your lightweight ebook reader. E Ink technology is a key feature of most e-readers which will give you the best reading experience by allowing you to read in sunlight. Ebook readers have wi-fi connectivity to access the web browser and nowdays there are 3G Ereaders too! Some models even have text to speech feature where your reader will read out the eBooks for you. You can even sync your favorite books, take notes and enjoy the ultimate reading experience.

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